Senate Passes Parents’ Bill Of Rights, Other Bill Action This Week

The NC Senate this week passed House Bill 755: Parents’ Bill of Rights in a vote of 28-18, after the bill gained approval in the Senate Rules Committee this week, as well as in the Senate Education and Health Care committees last week. The bill, which enumerates pages of new parental rights summarized here, forbids instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in grades K-3 and creates new timelines for school administrators to respond to parental requests/complaints. Because a prior version of the bill was already approved in the House last year, the bill will now be brought before all House members for a simple concurrence vote. If House members vote not to concur, a conference committee of negotiators from the House and Senate will meet to try to reach a compromise; if the House approves the bill, it will be sent to the Governor, who has indicated he will likely veto the legislation.

  • Click HERE to access NCASA’s greatest concerns with H755, and be sure to contact your legislator with any thoughts or concerns you may have.
  • Click HERE to access NCASA’s list of education-related bills that were either introduced or received action at the NC General Assembly in the past week.

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