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Accountability and Testing

PEPSC Sends Forward Principal Portfolio Assessment Recommendation

The North Carolina Professional Education Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC) met Thursday, May 9, to hear a presentation from the Principal Task Force on recommendations for the North Carolina Principal Portfolio Assessment (NCPPA). The purpose and work of the task force for the past few months was to gather broad stakeholder input on the portfolio-based assessment system and internship component.

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House Select Committee On Substance Abuse Proposes School Bathroom Monitoring

The House Select Committee on Substance Abuse met Tuesday, April 16, to hear a Pew Charitable Trust presentation and discuss five recommendations to the General Assembly. During these discussions, Rep. Donna McDowell White (R-Johnston) emphasized the importance of preventative measures, proposing bathroom monitoring in public schools, and said that drug use and exchanges are happening every day in school bathrooms.

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