State Budget Package Heading To Governor’s Desk By Weekend

State lawmakers rolled out their pre-negotiated state budget package inHouse Bill 103 on Tuesday and were taking their first of two required votes on it today, with the second to occur tomorrow (7/1). The budget bill, supplemented by the accompanying Conference Money Report, was expected to easily gain approval in both the House and Senate due to the Republican majorities that crafted the $27.9 billion spending plan for 2022-23. What remained less clear today was whether Governor Roy Cooper will sign the bill, veto it, or allow it to become law without his signature once he receives it this weekend.

The NCASA Advocacy Team has prepared a summary of the main parts of the budget that affect public schools and their personnel. We also will feature a budget discussion on the next episode of our Public School Matters Podcast, which will be available for downloads on Wednesday, 7/6.

Please note that all budget information we are sharing today is not law unless the Governor approves the package. If a veto occurs, the 2022-23 budget adopted as part of the 2021 Appropriations Act last November will take effect, and lawmakers would then decide whether to attempt overriding the Governor’s veto, prepare an adjusted budget package to send back to the Governor, or adjourn with no further action to adjust the 2021 spending directives for 2022-23 that became law last year.

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