PEPSC Discusses Latest Version Of New Teacher Licensure Proposal

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Graphic

Members of the NC Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC) met on Wednesday and Thursday of this week to discuss the ongoing work of its various subcommittees, including a discussion of the latest version of the draft teacher licensure and pay model. On Wednesday, PEPSC Sub-Committee Co-Chairs shared numerous concerns received from educators in July and early August on the draft model, which largely mirrored critical feedback shared earlier in the week at a news conference held by the NC Association of Educators (NCAE).

During Wednesday’s meeting, PEPSC also shared a revised infographic of the draft licensure model, as displayed in the accompanying image, which proponents say will better reflect the fact that most teachers will eventually fall into License 4, or “Professional Teacher”— the highest level of the new model. During Thursday’s meeting, subcommittee co-chairs also provided brief summaries of other work being done to the draft model.

The Preparation & Entry subcommittee shared that it is continuing to refine language affecting “Apprenticeship through License 3” to be as specific as possible, while the Licensure subcommittee shared that its members have spent much of their time considering whether License 1 and License 2 should be combined. The Advancement & Development subcommittee shared its support for combining the two license levels, as well as for increasing the amount of money teachers receive from Professional Advancement accounts. The Budget & Compensation subcommittee noted it would consider the recommendation to increase funds for these accounts, while also ensuring that teachers who may make less money under the new proposal, if any, are held harmless. Subcommittee chairs noted all of these items would be presented to PEPSC as recommendations in the days and meetings ahead.

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