NCDPI Staff Provides Overview Of Study On Lost Instructional Time

Students made less progress during the pandemic than they did in previous years, according to preliminary findings from a study conducted by the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI). Staff from NCDPI’s Office of Learning Recovery and Acceleration (OLR) presented on Wednesday a brief overview of the study measuring the impact of lost instructional time on NC students.

Preliminary results also showed negative effects for students across all subjects and grades, as well as better outcomes for students who returned to the classroom for face-to-face learning rather than purely remote students. The study was conducted in collaboration with the SAS EVAAS team as a result of state legislation passed last year, and the full report and findings are expected to be shared with the State Board of Education during its meeting March 2nd

During Wednesday’s overview, NCDPI staff also mentioned other ongoing legislatively-mandated studies, including a study on virtual student academies. When asked if NCDPI plans to make any recommendations regarding the future of virtual academies, Dr. Michael Maher, OLR Executive Director stated, “our goal is to get legislation passed to allow you to operate virtual academies moving forward.”

NCASA will report further on the lost instructional time study and its findings following the March State Board of Education meeting.

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