NCASA Releases 2022 Enacted K-12 Laws Summary

K-12 Laws SuNC lawmakers ended most of their legislative work for the year on July 1st with the passage of the 2022 State Budget,S.L. 2022-74. While legislative leaders have stated their intent to reconvene the General Assembly at least once a month through the end of the year, as they did on Tuesday and Thursday of this week, these sessions do not have a set agenda and are meant to address certain time-sensitive issues, such as redistricting or election-related items. As a result, NCASA has prepared its 2022 Enacted K-12 Laws Summary outlining all the major K-12 education-related bills that have become law so far this year. NCASA will continue to monitor the legislative schedule and will alert members as needed on any pertinent education-related voting sessions at the General Assembly.

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