NCGA Shares Leadership Roles For Education Committees

House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) released on Tuesday a list of House committees, chairs, and members for the 2023 legislative session, which officially began last week. In a statement, Speaker Moore wrote, “We have a strong group of committee chairs this session, and I am confident that they will continue to propel our state forward and to the top of the pack.” Re-elected Senate President Pro Tempore Sen. Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) shared the Senate’s committee appointments last week, featuring some new leaders in the Education and Education Appropriations Committees. As the NCASA Advocacy Team continues to meet with legislative leaders, NCASA members are encouraged to initiate conversations with their own legislators, who can be located here, and share any relevant information with NCASA.

The full list of K-12 education-related committees and their memberships are as follows:

House K-12 Education

  • Chairs: Hugh Blackwell, Tricia Ann Cotham, John A. Torbett
  • Vice Chairs: Cecil Brockman, Diane Wheatley, David Willis
  • Members: Cynthia Ball, Brian Biggs, Laura Budd, Ashton Wheeler Clemmons, Jeffrey Elmore, Ken Fontenot, Rosa U. Gill, Frank Iler, Jake Johnson, Donny Lambeth, Brandon Lofton, Marvin W. Lucas, Larry W. Potts, Dennis Riddell, James Roberson, Phil Shepard, Frank Sossamon, Larry C. Strickland, Julie von Haefen

House Education Appropriations

  • Chairs: Jon Hardister, John A. Torbett, David Willis
  • Vice Chair: Jeffrey Elmore
  • Members: Hugh Blackwell, Cecil Brockman, Kevin Crutchfield, Rosa U. Gill, Zack Hawkins, Marvin W. Lucas, Lindsey Prather, Frank Sossamon, Diane Wheatley

House Appropriations (leadership only)

  • Chairs: Dean Arp (Senior Chair), Donny Lambeth (Senior Chair), Jason Saine (Senior Chair), William D. Brisson, Jeffrey Elmore, John Faircloth, Kyle Hall, Brenden H. Jones, Wayne Sasser, Larry C. Strickland
  • Vice Chairs: Kristin Baker, M.D., George G. Cleveland, Ted Davis, Jr., Jimmy Dixon, Karl E. Gillespie, Edward C. Goodwin, Dudley Greene, Jon Hardister, Kelly E. Hastings, Frank Iler, Jake Johnson, Charles W. Miller, Larry W. Potts, Dennis Riddell, Phil Shepard, Carson Smith, John A. Torbett, Donna McDowell White, David Willis

Senate Education/Higher Education

  • Chairs: Michael V. Lee, Amy S. Galey
  • Members: Lisa S. Barnes, Jay J. Chaudhuri, Kevin Corbin, David W. Craven, Jr., Michael Garrett, Bobby Hanig, Michael A. Lazzara, Natasha R. Marcus, Julie Mayfield, Tom McInnis, Natalie S. Murdock, E.S. “Buck” Newton, Brad Overcash, Gladys A. Robinson, Norman W. Sanderson, Benton G. Sawrey, Joyce Waddell

Senate Education Appropriations

  • Chairs: Amy S. Galey, Lisa S. Barnes, Dean Proctor
  • Members: Jay J. Chaudhuri, Bobby Hanig, Julie Mayfield, Brad Overcash, Joyce Waddell

Senate Appropriations/Base Budget

  • Chairs: Brent Jackson, Ralph Hise, Michael V. Lee
  • Members: W. Ted Alexander, Lisa S. Barnes, Dan Blue, Danny Earl Britt, Jr., Jim Burgin, Jay J. Chaudhuri, Warren Daniel, Carl Ford, Amy S. Galey, Todd Johnson, Joyce Krawiec, Paul A. Lowe, Jr., Natasha R. Marcus, Tom McInnis, Mujtaba A. Mohammed, Bill Rabon, Gladys A. Robinson, DeAndrea Salvador, Norman W. Sanderson, Vickie Sawyer, Joyce Waddell, Mike Woodard

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