Education Bills Become Law After Lawmakers Successfully Override Vetoes

After weeks of little activity at the state legislature, lawmakers on Wednesday successfully voted to override Governor Cooper’s vetoes of several bills, including a handful relating to K-12 education, which have now become law. The most significant of these bills for public schools include H219: Charter School Omnibus, which makes substantial changes to the charter school approval and oversight process, as well as S49: Parents’ Bill of Rights, which imposes major new requirements for schools in regard to parental notifications and providing parental resources. Other education-related bills that have now become law include H574: Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, H618: Charter School Review Board, and H808: Gender Transition/Minors.

While many of these bills have delayed effective or implementation dates, other bills, such as the Charter School Omnibus Bill and the Parents’ Bill of Rights, currently must be implemented this school year. Because of the difficulties school leaders could face in enforcing these new requirements as most traditional public schools are preparing to re-open to students, NCASA is working with lawmakers, the NC Department of Public Instruction, and other stakeholders to pursue technical legislation postponing some implementation deadlines, or at least provide helpful guidance to districts on how best to operationalize these new laws. While additional legislative action is unlikely for the remainder of August, legislative leaders plan for lawmakers to return in early to mid-September once a state budget compromise package has been negotiated.

In addition to overriding vetoed bills, lawmakers in both chambers approved on Wednesday S754: General Assembly Appointments, which includes a handful of appointments for education-related positions, such as appointments to the North Carolina Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC), the Board of Trustees of the Teachers’ and State Employee’s Retirement System (TSERS), and the North Carolina Principal Fellows Commission. This bill will now be sent to the Governor for final consideration. Also on Wednesday, Senate lawmakers voted not to concur with the House’s version of S579: Prevent Harm to Children, which would increase the punishment for sexual contact with a minor, among other changes. The bill is halted for further action unless a “conference committee” to be appointed by both chambers negotiates a compromise on its contents.

To view all bills with action this week and links to their summaries, please access NCASA’s latest bill tracking chart.

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